Media Reports

Herald Sun, Saturday, September 18, 2021, pages from 20 to 21: Maritime heritage planned for Docklands  - Mission to mark sea sites . 

Channel 7 Eventing News 17/9/2021  focussed on the maritime heritage trail. See it here -  about half way through the bulletin

Channel 9 news  16/9/2021 Docklands Ferry Terminal: 

Channel 9 New 2012 See

ABC Radio - AM 16/9 Ferry terminal in Victoria  Harbour  - Google Breakfast with Sammy J as below). The discussion starts 1:45 mins into the program:

‘Jewel in the crown’: Victoria missing targets on protection of historic piers, by Sumeyya Ilanbey, The Age July 12, 2021.  See:

Maritime is gaining recognition, By Dr Jackie Watts - Chair, Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network, 30 Jun 2021 Docklands News See:

Call for expanded ferry network, By David Schout, 30 Jun 2021 Docklands News See: 

A couple of royal wharves, By Ashley Smith - Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 30 Jun 2021 Docklands News See:

Melbourne Is Getting a New 3500-Square-Metre Park (With an “Urban Forest”) on the Riverside, 21 April 2021. Broadsheet,  See

“Unsung heroes of the sea offer us a lesson” Tony Wright. The Age February 27, 2021 p,33

Maritime heritage group visits Station Pier, Victorian Ports Melbourne, 3/02/2021. See:

“Truth about the submarines debacle” Robert Gottleibson, The Australian, February 18, 2021 p.24

"Shrinking merchant fleet leaves us exposed". Greg Sheridan. The Australian, February 18, 2021. p. 1

"We are adrift, lazy and unprepared for any serious threat".  Greg Sheridan. The Australian, February 18, 2021. p. 11

Central Pier, 23 January 2021. See 

Cr Watts ferry article herald sun 21 Oct 2020, See 

Opening up Melbourne’s waterways, by Cr Jackie Watts, 30/9/2020 Docklands News See 

Reflecting on the power of our docks, by Cr Jackie Watts, 2/9/2020 Docklands News See  

Maritime dream closer to reality, by Sean Car, 2/9/2020 Docklands News See

Two steps forward and one step back, by Cr Jackie Watts, 1/7/2020 Docklands News See

Celebrating our heritage, by Cr Jackie Watts, 3/6/2020 Docklands News See

Tyranny of distance? by Cr Jackie Watts, 30/4/2020 Docklands News See

Maritime matters, by Cr Jackie Watts, 30/4/2020 Docklands News See

Push for maritime museum and more recognition for 'Cinderella river', 21/1/2020 The Age See

Renewed push for maritime museum, 29/10/2019 Docklands News See 

Ports Australia Welcomes Action on Australian Shipping and Maritime Skills. Media Report 7 May 2019

The Riverkeepers Call to Arms

Bolte Precinct Plan revised. Docklands News 27/2/2019. “The City of Melbourne has approved an amended Development Plan at Yarra’s Edge Bolte Precinct what includes planes for maritime waterfront facilities public space and well-being facilities at the sites western end.”

Central Pier repair works Docklands News 27/2/2019 “Works to stabilise a substantial part of the main entrance to Central Pier is under way, after structural faults were discovered late last year”

Kangan Institute Hosts Global Skills Challenge Docklands News April 30

Coastal shipping decline part of broader maritime capability crisis AFR 29/1/2019 report

Bringing waterways threads together

Another Blow to Maritime Industry

Marvel announced as new sponsor of stadium

State funds AFL for Stadium Redevelopment

Melbourne Mission becomes home to OSSA Dailey Commercial News, September Issue, 2018

Public Records Office See 

Streamlines Newsletter November 2018, item on p.1

Etihad Stadium set for major upgrade in Andrews government cash splash12/4/2018 The Age See